Checking solutions

We have provided a program to check your solutions and report on the breaking of hard or soft constraints.

This is not intended to be used as an evaluation function, but rather as a check that you don't have a bug in your program.

The program takes a command line parameter, the name of the file to check: filename.
It expects to find in the current directory a problem file called filename.tim and a solution file filename.sln, produced by your algorithm in the format described in the Output Format section.

The numbering of the items referred to in the report produced by checksln is the position of the items in the problem file, with numbers starting at zero. So, for example, if the report refers to "room 5" then this will be the sixth room in the problem file.

The source for the program (version of 21/11/2002) is here.

Our checking program has been extensively tested, but may of course still have bugs. If you think you have found a bug, please contact Ben Paechter.