Invito / Invitation

Welcome Address

Piero Martinoli

Presidente USI

Franco Gervasoni

Direttore SUPSI

Helge Ritter

Marco Dorigo


Mauro Dell’Ambrogio

20 anni / 20 years

24 ottobre / October 2008

14:00 – 18:00

Palazzo dei Congressi


Panel Discussion

  1. M.Dorigo,

  2. H. Ritter,

  3. C. Lepori,

  4. L.M. Gambardella

  5. J. Schmidhuber

The future of Artificial Intelligence

This event is held in conjunction with “Ticino Informatica” .

20 years ago the «Istituto Dalle Molle di studi sull’intelligenza artificiale» was founded in Lugano by Angelo Dalle Molle, a pioneer and philanthropist who believed that science and technology could help human beings to improve the quality of their lives.

IDSIA soon became a pillar of Ticino’s emerging research landscape as one of the world’s most influential institutes in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with strong ties to USI and SUPSI and the national and international scientific communities, conducting groundbreaking research in the fields of swarm-based optimization, brain-inspired recurrent neural networks, and mathematically optimal universal problem solvers.

Let us recall some highlights of the past 20 years, and reflect on the future of AI!

Watch the video of the event